• Candy Crush Saga 2 - Map

    This game initially was meant to be a clone of CCS, but with better gameplay. The working title is a joke, not real one!

    Here is the map view and that white guy is supposed to be a picture of your facebook profile. Level by level you progress just like in CCS.

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  • Candy Crush Saga 2 - Game

    The game has same mechanics as any other bejeweled clone. Level mechanics are straight copies from CCS.
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  • Stuntdriver - Map

    Here's a map view of the Stuntdriver. This kind of a map view seems to be rather popular among casual gamers.

    It simply shows where you are, where you are heading and how long journey it will be, thus perfect for casual gamers! Even adding competitive elements are easy, by just showing your fellow gamers on the map.

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  • Stuntdriver - Game

    Here you are in an edit mode. You're supposed to build the track so that the red lada can reach the goal. By pressing play the car starts.
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  • LadaDriver - Game

    This game is hugely inspired by Hill Climb Racing. The idea differs from HCR in that you need to actually climb instead of just driving straight on a bumpy road.
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  • LadaDriver - Editor

    At this point I really started figuring out how by making the development process more sandbox-like gave 10x better gameplay feeling for the player. Here is an editor for creating levels for LadaDriver.
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  • Car Craft

    This was inspired by Fantastic Contraption. I have always liked playing with physics and in this game the player is allowed to create any kind of vehicle one wants.
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Here you can find some information about my work and hobby projects, information about me and my CV. Feel free to click the links below.